Custom Wallets, Flawless UI

Tired of the same outdated wallet used by virtually every coin launch? We plan on rolling out an elegant desktop wallet that make basic functions, masternode handling and staking enjoyable experiences. Always expect the best from DogeCash.

Governance made easy

Community voting on issues such as platform components, charity recipients and exchange listings will be made on our governance interface. Our simple to use platform will make important decision making a breeze.

Lead the pack by becoming a DogeNode owner.

Running a DogeNode not only provides you with generous rewards for your network contribution but also gives you a voice in the future components of our ecosystem.



Why is this the top doge on the list? Our team is sick and tired of scams and money grabs that rob investors daily, that’s why. Our team is comprised of trusted crypto experts whose identities aren’t hidden. Additionally, talks are in the works to become the first Know Your Developer (KYD) verified Presale. If that isn’t enough, the BTC Presale and DOGEC Premine addresses will be made public.

We are keeping these doges on a tight leash!


While a bit cliche,’ the concept of “a coin is as strong as its community” led DogeCoin to becoming a $2 Billion Dollar project with worldwide recognition. Organic growth of our community is key to DogeCash and will be accomplished via team-community engagement, partnerships with existing projects and platform development.

Did you miss the Dogecoin movement? Join the DogeCash revolution!


With DogeCash, DogeNode owners will vote on what the raised funds will be spent on. Want a DogeCash DEX for Masternode Only coins? You got it. How about a DogeBNB - an AirBNB for dog boarding?

The future is in your paws!


Dogecoin went with the model of creating an abundant supply which put the coin in the hands of many people. However the continuously inflated supply reduces the value of DOGE. We are taking a different route and following the Bitcoin supply model - the total number of DogeCash coins will never exceed 21 million.

This limited supply model makes each DOGEC a rare doge.


Following in our sister coin’s pawprints, giving back to charitable causes is part of the DogeCash mission. This is a community governed coin so you decide exactly where the funds will go.

Send and receive addresses will always be made public.


If you haven’t noticed already, DogeCash aims to bring you Best in Show delivery on every aspect of the project. This includes beautiful desktop wallets, sleek mobile apps, solid blockchain performance and innovative platforms.

Attention to detail is our forte.